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Name of Product
2010 Premium Far Infrared Ray Hand Acupressure Heating Massaging Device

Producer/ Place of Origin

Sales Price
278,000 Won

Power Consumption
Main body, user manual and warranty
3 Kg
Material/ Color
Certificate of electric goods safety (HH07444-8019C)
Artificial leather, urethane foam
Product Overview
1. Traditional Asian medicine level identification of root causes of neck/ shoulder pain and alleviation method
Shoulder muscle pain results when the shoulder muscular cell, capillary vessel gets clogged due to extravasated blood, which in turn results in the aeremia circulation related complication. It is most effective for conducting acupressure for the blood at the highest point of the shoulder acupressure
2. Massage function for all the body parts while abiding by the fundamentals
- Tense muscles are relaxed by leveraging neck and shoulder acupressure function and back acupressure function by massaging the neck and shoulder that people feel the most pain when tired. This product does not merely tap the waist.
- Stomach / thigh / foot sole massaging
3. Massaging of the neck, shoulder and back that can become tense easily since it operated with the massage circulation method using four acupressure balls

Product Features
• Far infrared ray release due to the loess included in the urethane foam
• Product design mechanism that factored in the hand acupressure principle(vertical pressure and continual pressure)
• Powerful massage due to four circulating acupressure rollers with circulating acupressure rollers
• Diverse massaging feel with the massaging method towards the proper and inverse directions
• Massaging by each part of the body (neck/shoulder/back/waist/stomach/thigh/ankle/sole)
• Massaging effect can be maximized with the separate heating function
• Can be used by attached to the office or student chair by using band for fixation
• No noise or minor problems due to the use circulating roller method
• Can be used easily with the remote controller’s one touch button method
• Easy to move due to compact size and can be used both at office and home
• Soft massaging device with the use of soft high end artificial leather cover
• No need for separate pillow since wide cushion is used.
• Adds on the weight of the massage due to large size.