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Name of Product

Medical Dream Super Premium Massaging Chair

Producer/ Place of Origin

Sales Price
2,980,000 Won
Power Consumption
200 x 73 x 87 cm
AC 220V 60Hz / 170W
Rated Time
Main body, remote controller,
product manual
15 minutes (AUTO STOP Function)
Material/ Color
Korea Food & Drug Administration permit as medical device
Certification for electric safety
Subscription to the PL insurance
Artificial leather
Alleviation of minor muscle pain
Medical Dream massaging chair MD-1200 is composed of the chair type of main body that has back support, pad, sheet, arm rest, heating up function, feet support and air pump, mobile Wheels and remote controller.
Product Overview
1. Diverse medical massaging programs are built-in
-Automatic massage for health management
- Automatic massage for alleviation of fatigue for the entire body
- Automatic massage to mitigate minor muscle pain
2. Automatic massage programs for different parts of the body are built-in
- Vibrations of four types of rhythms (two types of the hips and legs)
- Two types of massaging (proper circulation, inverse circulation)
- Six types of tapping as if tapped with hands
- Two types of foot massaging function(automatic massage)
- Separate massaging functions for the Foot, ankle and hip
3. In case of automatic massage, time can be added on in 15 minutes or five minutes
4. Automatic reclining (laying back, erect to upright position) function with one touch
5. Massage ball’s up or low location and vertical and horizontal width can be adjusted
6. Air massage’s strength level can be adjusted to three levels 7. Air massaging function of the powerful air pressure method for the hip, thigh, ankle and foot massage
8. Powerful vibration massage function for the hip, thigh, ankle and foot massage
9. Cozy and comfortable massaging regardless of differences in body shape thanks to the high end design and large size
10. Function to adjust the strength level of massage in three levels for each function
11. Manual adjustment for each function
12. Heating up massage function 13. Remote controller for the LCD screen that indicates function that is used

Reclining function
- Automatic reclining (laying back, erect to upright position) function for the back using just one touch
- When the recline (erect to upright position) button is pressed on once, it activates automatically up to approximately 165?